Baker, Cake Decorator and Certified Bakery Specialist C.B.S.

Owner of The Sweet Retreat

I've been baking for as long as I can remember.  My love of baking is more than just a hobby and a business, for me it's a lifestyle.  When I'm not baking at home I'm in class learning and creating and pushing my creative boundaries.  My baking skills include cakes, breads, pastries, confections, cookies, pies and so many other sweet treats...so why did I decide to master marshmallows you ask?  I find them extremely versatile and fun to work with!  I love all of the flavour combinations and I love the reaction I get when people find out you can make fresh marshmallows besides the ones in the grocery store.

Owner of The Sweet Retreat

I started baking birthday cakes for my family when I was really young, bless my parents for encouraging me and going along with a horrible recipe I used to make...my "one egg cake" but we all loved it and it inspired me eventually to pursue a hospitality course in high school that had me making all kinds of baked goods.


After high school I landed a job in a small town grocery store bakery...I loved it!!  After a few years and a few jobs later I ended up back at another grocery store bakery and figured it was my calling.  After almost a decade I needed another challenge so I spent my nights taking baking courses at a college and earned my diploma in Baking Arts as well as obtaining my certification through the Bakers Association of Canada.


After all of that I was still left with the need for more so thats why I'm here, sharing my love of baking with the world...one marshmallow at a time.


My mission is to create small batch, 

hand crafted 

marshmallows each with their own enticing flavour...taking each and every customer to their own personal

Sweet Retreat.