Sweet Treats for any Occasion!

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Bakery Retail Items

Decorate your own Cookie Kits - $18 each

Cotton candy - Assorted Varieties - $2.99 each

Meringues - Assorted Varieties - $5 each 

Marshmallow Packs of 4 - Assorted Varieties $6 each
Shortbread Cookies - Assorted Varieties $8 each

Fresh Baked Goods

We currently offer the following baked items and are constantly adding new menu items.


                                  Cupcakes - $3.50 each,
                                   $20 for 6, $40 for 12
                                  Flavours: Vanilla Bean,                                          Chocolate, Strawberry                                      and Salted Caramel

 *2 flavours added each week, check menu drop for updates


Cruffins - $4 each,
                                $22 for 6, $44 for 12
                                   Cruffins are croissants,                                        shaped like muffins and                                     filled with pastry cream and                                   other delicious fillings.

Flavours: Sugar rolled, Chocolate, Almond, Churro, Everything and Glazed
*Check our Menu Drop for weekly flavour updates and exciting new flavours

                      Cinnamon Buns - $4 each

                         Flakies - $2.99 each


                             S'mores Bars - $2.99 each

                                 Cornflake Choc Chip                                         Marshmallow Cookies
                              $2.50 each

Menu items are refreshed weekly and we are constantly adding new and exciting flavours and treats to the line up

Please check out our Instagram of Facebook page for pictures of our products as well as weekly flavours and
Seasonal offerings!