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This Is Us

Each day, our passion is to make the highest quality baked goods, to maintain excellence, to serve our community and to create something so delicious and unique that it puts a smile on our customers faces and takes them to their own personal Sweet Retreat.

Baked Goods are our Passion.

Meet the Owner.

I started baking birthday cakes for my family when I was really young, bless my parents for encouraging me and going along with a horrible recipe I used to "one egg cake" but we all loved it, and it inspired me eventually to pursue a hospitality course in high school that had me making all kinds of baked goods, I fell in love and I was hooked.

After high school I landed a job in a small-town grocery store bakery...I loved it!!  After a few years and a few jobs later, I attended George Brown college and earned my diploma in Baking Arts as well as obtaining my certification through the Bakers Association of Canada.

I've seen every facet of the baking industry, from retail stores to large scale manufacturing companies to behind the scenes doing product development and creating new concepts for large businesses.

After all of that I was still left with the need for more so that's why I'm here, baking my heart out and sharing my love of baking with the delicious, sweet treat at a time.

xo Miranda

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